The Funny and Talented Brydell Cocky on Influencing Success

The Funny and Talented Brydell Cocky on Influencing Success

LaQuan Wilson, better known to most as Brydell Cocky, thank you for your willingness to share key points of your life and success with us today.  

Your online channels are funny and addictive, which obviously keeps your followers coming back for more.

Brydell, what made you decide to become a comedian? Throughout my life, I’ve always made people laugh from all ages. I’ll never forget this girl who was a friend of my sister, and she said, “I think you should start doing comedy, that might be your future calling.” One random day of being bored, I just picked up the camera and started making funny videos. At first, I was shy to put them out because of being judged by friends and family. Once I saw people who looked like me on social media posting being themselves, I stopped caring and gave it a try to see what would happen. Best decision I ever made!
When did you realize you were becoming a funny and successful video influencer?
It all started when posting my content on Youtube Shorts. Wearing a robe and bonnet, acting as my mom or any parent, was the game changer. My notifications started going crazy in the middle of the night. I had to turn my phone on silent because everyone was asking for more. That was the moment I knew I had something on my hands. I started seeing videos hit 100k in just an hour. Normally it would take months. To keep the ball rolling, I had to think about what would work for longevity, and that’s when I figured using my childhood will connect with them. And it did!

Has your mom watched your videos? Yes! At first, she didn’t have any clue until me and my brother made her download Tik Tok. After she saw the videos, she would call my phone, laughing her tail off and asking if that was supposed to be her. But overall, she really enjoys them. I like that she’s very supportive of what I do.

You really seem to connect well with your audience. What else do you feel are key elements in your online influencer success? Being authentic! Showing everyone who I really am and where I came from. Sharing the same struggles. I was the sneaky kid who often, at times got in trouble. There were good days and bad days.

You are also a music artist and have released several great singles. Is this something you have enjoyed and will continue to pursue? Music was really my first dream, so it’ll always be my passion. I started making music in middle school. While most kids were playing sports or video games, I was recording songs. Shortly, an old high school friend taught me how to make beats. After graduating college and moving to LA, I landed an opportunity to work at a legendary record label “Motown Records”. Haven’t stopped making music since, and don’t plan on it anytime soon. A lot of people don’t know I’ve also helped other artists with writing their music..

What future goals would you like to achieve with your channel? Honestly, I don’t have any major or crazy goals. My future goal is to continue making people laugh and soon give back to those who have supported me throughout my journey.

What are some other things you can share about yourself that we may not be aware of? Well, I’m a big foodie and lover of photography. I enjoy trying new cuisines around the world and my favorite places to take pictures are in nature. Additionally, I’m very passionate about music production and engineering. My journey began when I was younger. Instead of playing sports or video games, I was recording songs.

One of my most slept-on talents is acting. To get a role on a tv show or movie would be awesome! I watch shows such as Outer Banks, Ginny, Georgia, Power, and Stranger Things.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would say the United Kingdom because the people over there are so kind and sweet. Also, I’m vegan, so there are plenty of healthy options for me! 

Brydell, it has been a pleasure learning more about your incredible journey as a comedian influencer and talented music artist.  The USA News team thanks you for sharing your story with us and wish you the very best in all that you do.

Photo Credit: Brydell Cocky